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The step-by-step SMS marketing course for eCommerce marketers and owners

Learn how to master the fundamentals of SMS marketing from compliance and list growth to building your first campaign and beyond.

Jimmy Kim

Jimmy Kim, Your SMS Instructor & Expert

Retain customers and drive repeat purchases with SMS

Tired of the rising costs of advertising and weekly newsletters not getting you the ROI it once did? Looking for ways to quickly scale your revenue, without adding a ton budget for advertising?

If you're ready to start strengthening customer retention and increasing CLTV, access this SMS marketing course and get the tools and knowledge you need to make SMS your next highest revenue channel.
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Meet Your SMS Marketing Instructor

A former eCommerce retailer and email marketer turned SaaS founder. Jimmy is the CEO & Co-Founder of Sendlane, an email and SMS marketing automation company that helps over 1,700+ companies save time, generate more revenue and increase customer retention with email & SMS.

Meet Jimmy


Course overview

The Basics
The Basics
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Introduction to SMS Marketing
SMS Marketing: The Basics
From character count to the different types of numbers to send from, and deliverability best practices, learn the fundamentals of SMS.
  • What is SMS?
  • Sending SMS: Long Codes, Dedicated Short Codes, Toll-Free Numbers
  • Let's Talk About SMS Delivery
Must-Know Compliance
Protect yourself from costly fines by understanding the legalities behind sending and associations that regulate SMS marketing standards.
  • TCPA
  • CTIA
  • Geo-location-based compliance
How to Grow Your SMS List
Learn the different ways to ethically collect SMS consent including pop-ups and leveraging email and social media to grow your list.
  • The Pop-up
  • Collecting SMS Consent via Email
  • Two More Ways to Collect Consent
SMS Segmentation
Get tips for sending more targeted SMS’s by creating custom audiences using multi-variable segmentation.
  • The Importance of Segmentation & How to Use it
  • Types of Segments to Create
SMS Campaigns
Best practices for sending your first campaign including best time frames for sending and times to avoid.
  • SMS Campaigns (AKA Multi-Message Campaign Flows)
  • SMS Send-Time Etiquette
Automation Funnels
Set your SMS marketing on autopilot with automation funnels and learn the six best funnels every store should have.
  • What is Automated SMS? (& Why You Need it)
  • 6 Best Automation Funnels
Integrating Your Tech Stack for Compliance
Ensure your integrations contain clear consent language to stay compliant with SMS regulations.
  • Integrating Your Tech Stack
Conversational SMS
Bring the human back to your marketing with a conversational approach and learn how to ehance your customer experience with two-way reply.
  • Turning Customers into Besties with Conversational SMS
  • Enhancing The Customer Experience with Two-Way Reply
Email & SMS: The eCommerce Power Couple
Learn why email & SMS work so well together and tactics to use the two in tandem to increase sales.
  • Why Use Email & SMS Together
  • How to Unite Your Email with SMS Marketing
Mixing SMS into Your Email Funnels
Easily add SMS into your email funnels to maximize audience reach and learn how your customers prefer to be communicated to.
  • Getting Started with automated SMS
Examples: Creating Your SMS
Walk through demos to see how you should set up your SMS, create your first campaign, and add SMS into your automations.
  • How to Set Up SMS Inside Sendlane
  • Creating a SMS Campaign
  • Leveraging SMS Inside of Automation Flows
Wrapping Up SMS
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Start with basics like list growth, segmentation and campaign best practices then dive into novice topics like deliverability, automation goals, content and copy.

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Get a bigger picture of your customer journey and learn topics like high value segmentation, campaign strategy to drive CLTV, and event-based marketing.

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Email Marketing - Basics, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, SMS Basics + Reviews

Access all our courses and get the advanced knowledge and tools needed to leverage customer data and create an all encompassing customer journey through email, SMS, and reviews.

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“With the rising cost of advertising, email marketing has been a core revenue generator for our business that we can rely on constantly and consistently at Vitacup. eCom Academy has been instrumental in helping our business grow through email marketing strategy to help our business grow from $0 to $30m in the last 24 months

Brandon Fishman

CEO Vitacup

“Following the proven framework around abandon carts and welcome series increased our engagement as well as our abandon cart recovery rate . That was ONE of many golden nuggets dropped in the course. I highly recommend this course for any marketer who needs the proven step-by-step for their business.”

Dan DaSilva

CEO Trifunnels

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Downloadable Checklists

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eBook Downloads

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Automation Demos

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  • Beginners
  • 1.5 hours
  • Certificate of Completion
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