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Gradually, then all at once:

That’s what it feels like when you nail email. You learn slowly, pick up some great tips, then suddenly everything clicks. And as a marketer in the eCommerce space, you’re probably tired of ad platforms charging you your life savings to engage would-be customers online.

Email is a gem, and we’re gonna show you how to get every ounce of value out of it.

No ad budget needed. No approvals. ZERO acquisition cost tied to it.

The key is you have to do it RIGHT - the reward? If done right, it can quickly drive at least 30 to 40% of your monthly revenue.

We built Ecommerce Academy to give you no-fluff, purely usable education to make email into the powerhouse channel that it is. The fundamentals all the way to the advanced tactics. You’ll walk away with the knowledge to do it and do it effectively.

What our students say

Following the proven framework around abandon carts and welcome series increased our engagement as well as our abandon cart recovery rate . That was ONE of many golden nuggets dropped in the course. I highly recommend this course for any marketer who needs the proven step-by-step for their business.

Dan DaSilva

CEO @ Trifunnels

With the rising cost of advertising, email marketing has been a core revenue generator for our business that we can rely on constantly and consistently at Vitacup. eCom Academy has been instrumental in helping our business grow through email marketing strategy to help our business grow from $0 to $30m in the last 24 months

Brandon Fishman

CEO @ VitaCup